MNG Photography by John Sexton: Blog en-us (C) MNG Photography by John Sexton (MNG Photography by John Sexton) Mon, 13 Jun 2016 00:46:00 GMT Mon, 13 Jun 2016 00:46:00 GMT MNG Photography by John Sexton: Blog 87 120 Smyth Co. Va. I grew up in a small town in rural southwest Va. called Atkins.  It's a few miles north of the county seat of Marion.  I go back about once a year to visit, here are some photos of past trips. 

Everyone's favorite, the Dip Dog!  Isn't that just the most riciculous display of awesomeness.  Yummy!

Here is an old tractor that sits behind my dad's cabin.

We never miss a chance to shoot a classic car, here is a 1955 Mercury Monterey that was featured in a calendar I published.

Pretty cool car.  I'll have to do an entire post dedicate to it and clear up that big ol watermark I used when starting out.


Thats it for now, more from Smyth county later this summer.


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Wonder Woman Cosplay with Laine Smiles For my 50th birthday we had a big cosplay photo shoot, here are a few of Pinup Model Laine Smiles as Wonder Woman.

You can check out Laine's FB page here.


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Lisa Charms Patriotic shoot Some snippets from a recent Patriotic themed pinup shoot with Lisa Charms.

You can check out Lisa's pinup page on FB here,


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Pinup Model Shevi De Lux I met Shevi at a local car show and we spent the afternoon checking out the cool cars and getting some great photos.


Check out her FB page at


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